Online store Revere opens new outlet

Cosmetologist Kaniz Almas recently inaugurated the first outlet store of Revere in Banani on May 20. Revere is dedicated to providing the customers with all sorts of traditional and contemporary Indian saris, shalwar kameez and jewellery for women. Owner of Revere, Sabrina Haque said, “Revere started two years ago as an online store. After getting […]

You Do Design

You Do Design recently released their new Eid collection. All products of You Do Design are unique statement pieces that tell stories of heritage and luxury. The collection includes shalwar kameez, tops, panjabis, fatuas, and shirts. The collection also features high heels and accessories. The collection is now available at You Do Design outlets in […]

Rang Bangladesh this Eid

This Eid marks a very special occasion for Rang Bangladesh as it will be giving importance to four different subjects; Hagia Sophia mosque, Indonesian Batik, Woodwork designs, and the famous Bengal jewelry design. All these subjects are accumulated into their design to create outstanding motifs. Their outfits for this Eid include saris, salwar kameez, panjabis, […]

Daraz's Mobile Week brings you the biggest mobile sale of the year during Mobile Week starting from June 22 to 28. Renowned brands like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and HTC will be available with discounts up to 64%.   You can go to or download our app to access your preferred mobile or accessories. To find […]

Ramadan offers at Tastebud

Ramadan is considered to be the holiest month in the entire year. Therefore, Tastebud is sharing the goodness of the essence of Ramadan. Treat and refresh yourself after a long day of fasting with our Iftar and Sehri offers throughout this prosperous month.   For Reservations and Enquiries, please call 01615250005

Health insurance for travellers

Travelling overseas has become a norm for most Bangladeshis, be it for a vacation, a business meeting or a medical check up. Sometimes trips are to neighbouring countries like India, Thailand or Malaysia, but often many of us go to other distant countries like the USA, the UK, Europe and Canada. How many of us […]